Easthouses Primary School, Dalkeith



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The new primary school, constructed on the former Newbattle High School site, is designed to cater to 459 students. It will also include 16 specialized spaces to assist children with Additional Support Needs (ASN) from across Midlothian, along with 80 preschool slots.

The primary school comprises a dual-section layout. The two-story section rests on the northern side of the facility, while the early years and ASN areas occupy a single-story portion on the southern side.

These two sections are interconnected by shared areas, encompassing dining spaces, a versatile hall, an arts and movement studio, as well as administrative and support facilities.

The two-story and single-story wings face each other across a three-sided courtyard, where a serene sunken garden is nestled.

Local residents will have the opportunity to reserve the external multi-use games area featuring a synthetic surface.

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