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Identifying the corrosivity category for the design situation is key to decide which coating should be specified.

All SMD decks are manufactured from galvanised steel coil to BS EN 10346 with a standard 275g/m² (S350GD-Z275) coating which equates to 0.02mm (20μm) per face. Although the galvanising provides a protective coating, it does weather, albeit at approximately one tenth of the rate of bare steel (depending upon the prevailing conditions).

The environment in which the material will be located must be carefully assessed to determine which option is most suitable for your project.

Should our standard coating not meet the requirements of your project, we have developed a number of enhanced coating options to provide higher durability, reflectivity and aesthetic appearance where required.

Standard Galvanised
High Durability (HD)
Plastisol (PF)
Interior Liner
Durability (HD)
Perforations (P)

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Metal Decking continues to provide the best fast-track, flexible, and financially-effective solution for suspended floor slabs in steelwork construction.

Thru Deck Services has access to the full range of SMD Ltd’s product range, providing a solution for all suspended floor slab requirements, including concreting on metal decking and roof decking.

Thru Deck provides a comprehensive service in design, manufacture, supply and installation of metal deck, shear stud welding concrete.