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Alan Stobo

Divisional Manager

Food and drink connoisseur and keen Celtic FC fan, Alan boasts an extensive management background, first in retail and then as a construction manager of some 16 years’ experience.

He’s worked mainly in the refurbishment and structural repairs sector and has hands-on ability in the application of specialist construction materials such as concrete repair materials, liquid roofing, protective coatings, and waterproofing products. From initial condition surveys to estimating and tendering to site management, Alan has done it all.

Brian Clarke

Stores Assistant

Brian, or Munkey, as he is fondly known to his friends, has been in the metal decking industry since 1999. Brian’s claim to fame was appearing on Grand Designs where he was installing…

metal deck to the Strathaven airfield home in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Since 2003, Brian has adorned the Scottish logistics centre where he organises and sorts materials, items and stock to be ready for installation on site.
Before working in the construction industry, Brian was in the Merchant Navy where he was able to travel to many amazing places around the world!
Supporting the green and white side of Glasgow (Celtic for those who don’t follow football), Brian regularly enjoys watching games each week then enjoying a hot curry to cap his weekend.

Scotland’s local metal decking contractor

In the 1800s Coatbridge in Lanarkshire was known mainly as a mining centre and for its heavy involvement in the iron and steel manufacturing industry. Today its dark industrial past is contained entirely within a museum and it’s a town with parks, lochs and golf clubs. And Thru Deck Services.

Carrying on the steel heritage, Thru Deck Services (TDS) supplies and installs composite metal decking for contracts across Scotland and even parts of northern England. We’re closely aligned with Structural Metal Decks (SMD) Ltd and we provide their market-leading products for our customers.

With history comes quality and flexibility

Thru Deck was established in 2003 and has been merged with SMD since 2012. We’ve built up a strong network of clients here in Scotland over the years and so together with SMD we provide a service to the whole of the United Kingdom. Composite metal decking construction continues to be the best fast-track, flexible and financially-effective solution for suspended floor slabs in the construction industry and our floor and roof deck products are manufactured from steel strip made to industry standards. Our solid reputation for quality, from our manufacturing process to our design and installation on site, making Thru Deck the preferred decking sub-contractor for many leading building contractors and steelwork fabricators.

Over the years we have worked on a plethora of contracts, specifically within Scotland, including the iconic Kelvin Hall located on Argyle Street in Glasgow, the RSNO Centre (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) and the Riverside Transport Museum with the most eye catching rippling roof to name a few!

Right through from design to manufacture and installation, we keep our services in-house and under our direct control. In order to keep our place ahead of our competitors we work hard to maintain client expectations and achieve this by making sure that every member of the team, from the office to the site, is an expert in their field with a focus on flexibility. Depending on the client’s needs, we can deliver a complete package of design, technical advice, supply and installation of the decking or just specific elements of this process.

What our experts do: Design, supply and install

We produce all decking general arrangement, detail and placement drawings, working through a design and approval process with our clients and their structural engineers. We follow on with keeping the layouts updated to reflect design changes throughout the project life cycle and finish off by producing as-built drawings. This service includes technical support and advice on composite floor design and we back this up with bespoke design software and a mobile app.

We manage the entire ordering and manufacturing process and ensure that the materials will be delivered on the day AND at the time requested following the recommended two week lead in period. We arrange and manage all transportation of the materials to site.

The installation process starts with Thru Deck attendance at the pre-start meeting so that specific contract requirements or complex issues on site can be raised and discussed. Once work starts, our team will install the floor and/or roof decking, edge trims and shear studs and provide weekly updates on programme and progress. Our installation service can be extended to include concrete placement for the composite slabs, thus saving time and reducing some of the co-ordination between work packages.

Health & Safety is key

Experience has shown us that construction is a hazardous industry. Our design and installation teams are kept fully up-to-date with the latest knowledge, certifications and compliance. We prioritise the development and training of our staff, along with constant reviews of our H&S procedures, paperwork, testing and site monitoring. We are committed to the responsibility of working to protect our environmental and economic resources.

Ably led by Clifford Haxton from the off, Thru Deck is now steered by Divisional Manager Alan Stobo. Alan has maintained and strengthened our existing customer base and is busy developing new relationships for this long-standing business as we continue to deliver practical, safe, sustainable and value-engineered floor and roof deck solutions to the construction industry.

Shaping the Skyline!

Thru Deck understands the importance of excellence. We’re committed to client satisfaction and have built a reputation for a professional and personal service, which is why many of our clients turn to us time and time again. We thrive on being Scotland’s local metal decking contractor.

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Metal Decking continues to provide the best fast-track, flexible, and financially-effective solution for suspended floor slabs in steelwork construction.

Thru Deck Services has access to the full range of SMD Ltd’s product range, providing a solution for all suspended floor slab requirements, including concreting on metal decking and roof decking.

Thru Deck provides a comprehensive service in design, manufacture, supply and installation of metal deck, shear stud welding concrete.