Deck Specification


The additive floor TR220 combines high strength of the 220mm deep steel deck profile with the performance of a ribbed reinforced concrete slab to provide a long span floor solution. The use of TR220 installed to bottom flanges provides a slim floor construction to reduce the structural zone without the need for intermediate supports.


  • Two steel thicknesses provide design flexibility
  • Un-propped spans up to 6m
  • Lightweight compared to other long-span flooring solutions
  • Available in plain galvanised or a selection of soffit colours
  • Reduces structural floor zone, utilising slab depth within beam web


  • 1.13mm
  • 1.25mm


  • 750mm cover width
  • 220mm cover depth

Steel Grade

  • S350
3D TR220

Coatings and Options

  • Galvanised (Z275)
  • Crushed Ends Option
  • HD (ZM310)
  • Plastisol (PF)